Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today is a great day..
Oh I meant, yesterday..
So fast it's end of August..
Hi September! you're here so fast this year..

I'm back in JB right after my FYP presentation ends.
The presentation was pretty good.
Not much question that bring me down.
So, I'm quite satisfied with my own performance yesterday.
It's quite a surprise for my sudden change of presentation slot.
Initially my presentation would be on Thursday 30th August 2012
However on Tuesday 28th August 2012 my supervisor requested me to see her.
So before I left after met her, she reminded me my presentation is on Wednesday!
I stunned for few seconds.
Cause it's not fun to realize that your presentation is just less than 24 hours and you still need to make amendments to your report and also haven't started for the presentation slides!
So, I left without asking her reason and in my mind just want to complete everything before the day ends.
But, later on I messaged my FYP coordinator and he told me that it's because my supervisor suddenly changed her minds to let me get A or A- for my FYP. So for these categories students are required to present on Wednesday the slot fixed.
I'm even stressed after reading his reply.

All the night and morning I felt stressed and nervous.
I don't know how bad will I do for the presentation and I'm afraid I couldn't answer questions that asked.
The moment I'm sitting down looking at others presenting I keep telling myself to calm down.
But the moment I walked up to the front where all 7 panels including my own supervisor is sitting in front of me, I really calmed down.
I see all familiar faces make me feels secure and not nervous.
And there goes my presentation, very smoothly I can say.
And the question asked I can answer confidently except 1 or 2.
And that conclude my FYP presentation.

Didn't expect myself to be called up to present in this group, but yes it's a very good experience.
And thank you for everyone that help and guide me all along the way.

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