Thursday, August 16, 2012

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I don't know why I have such feeling..
But just want to try to split it out at this moment..
By tonight I have to submit my FYP (draft) to my supervisor before she off for her Raya holiday, but I'm still blogging here.
I'm actually quite happy with the meeting with her 2 days ago..
She said she won't give me any grade lower than A.
She said I deserve it and see my hard work in doing it.
Frankly, I think I am not doing it with wholeheartedly and can improve my work quality.
So, I don't know shall I be happy or sad..
That's the first thing.

The second thing is I am going to step out to the society and work hard for my own life.
I'm going to another stage of life.
In other words, I found a job.
I got the job with my own ability without relying on anybody else..
Like what my brother said I always used the rear door to enter to the company.
But this time, with my own ability I succeed in the interview.
My 1st job is gonna be at Menara Mudajaya at Mutiara Damansara. (New office head quarters, currently is still in PJ Sec 13)
Which meant that I got the job offer by Mudajaya Group.
I think this company is pretty good as they send their staff for training every year.
And they allow me to continue my last semester next January which probably I have only 1 day of class while I'm working with them.
Despite of the 5.5 working days in a week (Saturday half day) I shouldn't complain anything else.
And once again I don't know shall I be happy or sad.
Happy is that I'm employed before I graduate!
Stepping in to the society before anyone else in my class...
Sad is the chance for me to back JB getting slimmer and slimmer..
I have to report to work on 1st October and I have to look for room in PJ as well.
I have to learn to be an independent girl from 1st October onward.
I'm a big girl now. Start to work and start to feed myself and not asking anymore from the family.

So, I think I'm pretty lucky to have achievement in my studies, praised by my supervisor as well as I got the job offer this week. So, I guess I shouldn't ask more for life. Right?
Be thankful for what I have today.

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