Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My New Gent Watch from Swatch, Switzerland

Few months back I received an anonymous email...
When I was about to move it to my junk mail as what I usually did to other junk mail, I noticed the subject of the mail was pretty attractive...
And it brought up my memory with some participation thing in Facebook a few months back...
The 1st email content
I'm quite suspicious with the mail seriously...
I did post up a few post in Facebook about my doubt...
But I did replied to the mail...
Then I received the 2nd mail the next day!!

2nd email for confirmation
Then last week, when I was having a safety course in office, my dad called...
"Your birthday present has arrived!"
When I'm still wondering why is my birthday present arrived exactly 1 month earlier then he continued
"Your watch is here"
And I felt so excited to get to see my watch immediately!
The parcel from Switzerland

Swatch do know I love this lime green? teehee

With a letter of original copy and signature by swatch personnel
The letter mentioned I'm 1 of the 50 winners to have the watch!!! =D

I like the casing...

Content of the letter

The original receipt of the watch
Note the client's name in the receipt... =.=

All after all, THANK YOU SWATCH!! I'm so damn happy to receive this as my early birthday present!! =D

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