Saturday, March 26, 2011

Name plate necklace

I still remember my new year revolution 2011 I've mentioned in this year I gonna buy myself I name plate necklace!
I've been targeting for quite a long time but I still need time to save money by my own to get the things I want...
So, till now I still couldn't order this necklace from Da Silver Necklace...

And now Da Silver Necklace is giving out RM50 voucher when you blog about them!
Hey I want the RM50 voucher!!
I can save up almost 50% for this name plate necklace!!

I've roughly done my ideal name plate necklace design...
Does it suit with the "name plate necklace" on me?? ^^

Can't see clearly?
Nah... Here's the close up...

Aileen ★

I know you also want your own name plate necklace right?
You can also get the RM50 voucher by blogging it!
Visit here for more info!


  1. y-square and Julie: Thank you... You can have yours too! Visit their website to find out more... =)