Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Western Almond Cookies

Hey, I'm back with another bakery post! =)
You know, I've a lot a lot to update but ya I do not have time... =(
I'll try my best to update everything before CNY!!
Cause after CNY I know I still have lots to update!

So this time round we did Western Almond Cookies...
1st of all..
Heat the almond in the oven from 5 to 10 mins
Heating almond
Kacau kacau it when it starts to cool down

Next will be the steps for the pastry...
Pour in the vegetable oil to the well-mixed flour

Beat it evenly then pour the heated almond into it...

Then mix it evenly too..
It's time to mold it into shape! =D
Initially my aunt was try to make it flat on the table and use some shape mould to cut it..
But it doesn't work for this cookies...
Cause the dough was too soft...

So she just "gorek" everything up then we'll just make it into round shape...

Our irregular cookies >.<

See so not consistent 1.. LOL
Then it's time to bake!!

Bake it for around 20mins

Tada!! The cookies are ready!! =)
This type of almond cookies is very soft and they melt after you placed it in your mouth...
It's like kuih bangkit..
But it has very strong almond taste!
Why not try it yourself?! =)


  1. Uish.. looking nice!
    I would pop em in my mouth while watching American Idol.. hahahah
    Thanks 4 sharing!

  2. cool! i wanna learn this too! =)

  3. Cookies !! i want to try 1 :P

  4. Dewi: Thanks! =)

    Snowman: It's easy when you got the well-mixed flour.. Haha...

    Yeeing: Come JB i'll treat you some =)

    Stephanie: But not too much cookies ya... and drink more water! hehe!

  5. CK: Haha... come to me =D

    Your Humble Servant: No delivery service... sowie... >.<

  6. that looks awesome... I love baking. I always bake with my younger siblings. Our cookies turn out better than our cupcakes though! Siigh. Somehow, my cupcakes never turn out SWEET enough. I don't even know what I'm doing wrong.

  7. I think I should try baking it one day. :D

  8. RS: I love baking too! Stay tune for my next post for cupcakes... *_^

    Jiamin: Baking is so fun!!

    Hilda: That's nice... =)