Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Gathering

Last 2 week had a little gathering with ex-schoolmate...
Which is also my very good friends during secondary school...
Without noticing I've never seen Penny for 3years d!!
After SPM till now...
Wow~ Time really flies!!

We had our dim sum breakfast in Very OK at Dedap, Tmn Johor Jaya
Only took a photo... Cause other time was busy eating... LOL

After eating, we went to Crazy Mike in Tmn Molek for sing K~
There has the lowest fare in JB... That day we only sang for RM7 for 3hours including tidbits and drinks...

Penny with the very hi tech system
They use this touch screen pad to select song and etc.. Function like normal KTV remote control...
Still have a mini MV beside
Sweet Ling
Penny and Ling
Ling again
Our drinks and tidbit
3 of us =)

Toilet also want take photo... =.=
Cute painting interior
Very warming ya...
Our room that day... Lucky 7!
Penny became one of the family member... =D
Us taking pics before leaving...
It has 2 storey so that's the way to go up...

Snap snap snap!
Me and Penny
Last photo of us before leaving

After this gathering don't know when will us meet again next time...
Hope it will be soon! =)
Cause gathering with old mates are great!!
Miss you girls...
Take care, friends~~

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