Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recently finally have the mood to make something new..
Tried out the sweet potato taro balls..
Found out from the internet that it was not hard to make by our own...

The ingredients are common also...
Thus I tried out myself last week..

Firstly, peel off the sweet potatoes' skin..

Then steam the sweet potatoes till soft enough for you to mash it..
After the sweet potatoes were mashed... 
Then add in sweet potato flour, flour and sugar..
Add little water...
Fold it until it's not sticky..
*Don't add too much water as it'll be too soft..
I fold until something looks like this
Then cut into small cube pieces
I used it to boil with sugar water..
When all the taro balls float, it is done!
I bought the instant cincau from supermarket to eat it with the sweet potato taro balls...
Nom nom nom...


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