Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recently I know I'm so gonna disappear from my blog...
Cause I still have 8 assignment due and only left 6 weeks before final..
I'm going to China and going to be MIA from Malaysia for 1 week...
So I will be real hectic after the trip back to Malaysia...

 Today just finished 1 mid term.
I thought of something before I slept last night.
The way I made my revision last night was like do assignment in words programme and exit without saving. Get what I meant?
After few days of revising, I still don't remember anything and it's so hard to understand.
But thanks God that the paper aren't that hard as what I expecting.
And it's all about common sense.
Thank you sir.

 Recently I guess I had this obsession...
Or probably ah gu influenced me and I influenced my friends and coursemate...
We like to visit Taiwan Tea House near the place I stay..
It serve cheap and nice braised meat rice!!
No kidding!

Guess how much would this meal cost?
It's just RM3 for the braised meat rice + RM1 for the side dish (beancurd)
So it's only RM4 and you can fill up your hungry stomach..
Besides, it is air conditioned.
We like to hang out there by playing our monopoly deal. (Another addiction)
There are also some board game and card games available.
So, really economical and nice place for hang out.

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