Sunday, February 19, 2012

On the 4th day in KK, we set off to the jetty pretty early.
We went to 2 islands which are Sapi Island and Manukan Island.
We went to the Jesselton Ferry Terminal where it was stated as the "5 stars" jetty cause it was located right beside to the 5 stars hotel.
It was really a beautiful jetty.
It was totally out of my expectation.

The 1st thing we saw when we came to the jetty

Beautiful background
The ticketing counters
We was quite excited to see so clear water even before we take the boat to the islands!
Can't find any place like this in Peninsular Malaysia
Group photo of us
Me and bei bei
♥ this picture so much

3 flowers... lol

This photo was taken while we waiting to alight from boat at Sapi Island
You can see the amount of fish is so scary!

Seriously the snorkelling at the 2 islands was just at the beach! 
Initially I thought we have to take boat ride to somewhere else.
But no! We can see A LOT of fish there!
And the fish doesn't scare people =.=
Despite they like to suck your legs.

And the snorkelling activity there doesn't cost much.
It's around RM15 for the rental and probably additional for a life jacket.
Cause the water can be quite deep.
This side of Sapi Island is lesser people probably is because there's a lot of sea urchin at the bottom of the water!
And here's a more sandy and more people side of the beach
The map of Sapi Island
Lizard is also the speciality of this island.
It is very big and you can see it walking around (even without fence!)
These will be our lunch on the island
BBQ lunch
Really very fresh and delicious lunch
All these doesn't enough for 18 of us

Oh ya! The food here can be refilled unlimitedly (while stock last)

My portion of lunch 

After our lunch actually it rained quite heavily.
We were trapped on the island.
The boat couldn't operate.
We had an option to return back to the mainland or to proceed to next island, Manukan Island.
We chose to proceed to Manukan Island.
The rain is slightly smaller.
The sea is not calm.
And I swear I had the most excited and thrilled speed boat ride.
The rain splashed on our face and we can feel the pain. 
And when we knock down the waves, and the driver drift on the sea, that's something that I couldn't describe but that's what you should try. =)

Most of us chose to have a warm drink at a nearby cafeteria.
While they boys....
They chose to swim in the rain..


Rainy day spoilt our day =(
See all wet guys..
The boys went to scuba diving for RM200 just to get this "cert"
*random pics*
We almost occupied the whole level of Tune Hotels..
8 rooms at the same level..
It was indeed just our paradise..

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