Friday, November 11, 2011

Do you like my new blog layout? =)

I am not going to blog anything about food or travelling this time..
But I'm gonna dedicate this post to someone very important to me...
This special day 11-11-11 only happens 100 years once...
To make it more significant I gonna post this out at 11.11am...
So I want to make this post special on this special day...

Last Friday after knock off from my job went home to get prepared then rushed to the bus station.
Journey to KL took me around 5 hours to reach.
Despite it was already middle of the night, he purposely came down to TBS to fetch me.
Previously I told him I wanted to eat Claypot Lao Shu Fen and Siew Yok Min at Petaling Street without hesitate he can just bring me there.
I know no one else can treat me, pamper me more than what he does...

He purposely brought me all the way from Subang to KL Sentral just to COD (cash on delivery) an item that I'm helping my cousin to sell it via online.
I am very unsatisfied girl.
I wanted to eat Seapark Sunrise Duck Rice and he did not disppointed me.
Both of us went to have duck rice for lunch.


After lunch, our movie "You're an apple of my eyes" was at 4.10pm.
I told him I wanna go for shopping. It was only 12.30pm he brought me to Pyramid for shopping.
Seriously we know that there's nothing much to shop at Pyramid for 3hours+ but he still accompanied me.
What I want to eat, want to buy, want to do he'll never say no.


Due to my request that day for mentioning to eat spicy pan mee after I saw the shop.
He made a U-turn right in front of the traffic light.
And because of the spiciness made him diarrhea for the whole night.. >.<
I'm so sorry..


On the day before I left, he brought me for Pork Noodle that I had long craving for.
He brought me to TBS and because of my stuborness I made him to pay for RM3 for 15mins accompany me.

He is the only person that put me in the first place than other thing.
He is the only person that I know he care and love me a lot.
He is the only person that I know I can be myself, be a little child and don't need to afraid of anything happen when i'm beside him.

He is no one other than Oon Cheah Xien my love.. 

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