Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year New Image

The very first week of the year, I had dyed my hair...
It had been 3 years since i dyed my hair...
So decided to dye it this year since I'm working again after 3 years after my SPM...
As usual I went to Jing Saloon, my usual hairstylist helped me to choose colour and stuff...

She decided to give me an ash brown 7°+ green tea green...
The dye "paste" was totally like wasabi...
However, my outcome was pretty not noticeable of green...

So far only 1 of my friend noted my hair was actually green... =.=
1st shot after came back from saloon... She helped me tong my hair too...
I dyed my hair + haircut = RM150 + RM25
So total is RM175 for my hair length...
I think it was still ok la... Normal rate in any other saloon out there...
She didn't rise the price during CNY!!
They are of course using good quality product...
Cause my hairstylist was came back from Japan for hair style course and she has pretty high demand also...
Anyway, she gave me a free gift too!
Climax Organic Serum 60ml

Alright now's my hair after nearly 2 weeks...
Much more natural than the previous 1...
Not green at all ya?
So wanna try out the saloon??

Coordinates: 1°34'25"N 103°45'27"E

Address: No.30, Jalan Setia 3/3,
Taman Setia Indah,
81100 J.B Johor
Phone No: 012-707 0072


  1. i bought the same t-shirt for my ex frm krabi!

  2. sherry: haha... i bought this last CNY in hatyai though...

  3. I wanted to dye my hair too but still can't decide what colour to go for ):

  4. Hilda: Ask for your hairstylist advice? =)

  5. nice colour! what colour is taht? =)

  6. Thanks snowman... Ermzz I had written up there...
    "ash brown 7°+ green tea green"

  7. I think this is the colour trend for this year many ppl dye greenish-ash colour... I saw the hairstylists in saloons also this colour. haha

  8. Steph: but why steph? =)

    jfook: Thanks! ^.^

    Maylin: I'm not so sure.. But I know green was quite hitto recently... Haha.... My hairstylist has an gray green too...

  9. Nice color. Some sort of green eh ? lol
    How's the serum ? working good ?

  10. a very natural colour. ;) nice blog.

  11. isroxck: Thank you. Yea... Hardly can see green though... =.= yupz.. i think the serum is not bad... protective to my last 3cm of hair... XD

    Niccc: Thanks a lot... =D

  12. heyy nice i wana dye aso..some ash brown one with green>< but duni suits me anot><

  13. domokun: i think it's quite suitable for most of the people it just depends on the ratio of green and ash brown... =)

  14. Nice! :D I want to dye dark blue :D but my mom freaked out LOL

  15. Thank you... Haha... But i think dark blue won't be very obvious right?