Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Restaurant Hak Seng

Another update for this restaurant...

Frankly, this restaurant always serve similar dishes...
But somehow all of their dishes were real superb!

See what we had this round...
Bean curd with meat

Their roasted chicken is damn superb!!! Roasted chicken but taste like KFC... Damn damn chun man~

It's just a simple vege? But it doesn't taste like any simple vege...

Sweet and sour pork chop

Last but not least, Teochew style steamed fish
This time we 6 adults finish all these 5 dishes...
It was definitely a very fulfilling meal...
This meal cost us RM120...
So if divided equally, it's a big big thumbs for it!


  1. To Melvin: That's nice!

    To Stephanie: Yupz!! Yummy yummy! =)

    To I see... =)

  2. woh.... Awesome dishes! How much it cost? I think it wouldn't be expensive ?=P

  3. To laila: Nom nom!! =D

    To Eunice: Whole meal RM120... It's counted as cheap... =)