Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kirishima Suzou

Yes, few week back me and my family celebrated pre-winter solstice day and pre-christmas in Kirishima Suzou Restaurant in Crystal Crown Hotel, Johor Bahru...
2nd floor of Crystal Crown Hotel/Restaurant Main Entrance

The pork chop set

The ramen with spicy soup set

Ramen with pork soup set

My stone grill chicken set

Ebi Rice

Our BBQ pork brought from home that night to BBQ-ed at the stone plate together with my chicken =.=

What fish is this called?

Japanese Pizza

Royal Crepe Cake

Whole cake 1kg RM70

Durian Flavor

Bill of the night
It was a fabulous night that I can gather with my family and relatives that night...
Although I can't really celebrate the big occasion with them but at least we did it earlier...
Everyone do grow up...
And neither I did expect I grew up so fast!
Year 2010 is coming to the end...
What's your New Year Revolution? =)


  1. wow the crepe is considered quite cheap compared to here in KL

  2. Yupz... Somemore they deliver right in front to my house... =)

  3. RM251 for that much is still consider okay! I've never tried durian flavoured crepe cake but it looks good to me :D

  4. Yupz it's pretty cheap for so much food... =)
    Durian Crepe Cake is nice for durian lover!! =D