Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gathering with Clefies

Our gathering is getting harder and harder each time...
It's because everyone has their own life and sure will some things corps up that making us hard to come to a common time...

We dated on last Monday... However, Ting and KeeMee were not there also...
We went to the 1st destination, Wafu Kitchen at Austin Height...
Menu of Wafu Kitchen
This is a Japanese restaurant...

Le's 4 layers milk tea

Ling with her Chicken Teriyaki Set RM 9.90

Le with her Osaka Yaki Chicken Don RM9.90

Xian with her Nabe Vegetable Soup Set RM9.90

Ellen with her Unagi Don RM15.90

And my chciken katsu don RM6.90
After we had our lunch we went to Jusco as planned...
Actually we wanted to watch Narnia together however when we reached there the ticked has already sold out... T.T
And actually Ling they all planned to go Ulu Tiram to watch but because of me they give up for the movie...
Sorry Ling~ I know you very disappointed...
And I love you!!! Muackx~~
Our group picture taken in Jusco

Another 1
After Ling decided not to go for movie then we headed to Tarot Cafe for our chatting session...

Xian ordered Hot Cocoa

My Honey Aloe Vera

Ling's White Coffee

3 big beauty with the cute forks

Samosa or something

Chocolate Fondue for 2 person

Group photo in Tarot Cafe

This time is 3 nasty girl... =D

Me with Ellen

Us with Christmas Tree!

Favorite shot of the day ♥

Lastly, photo of 3 clefies with Tarot Card on the wall
Hope we have our next gathering soon...
Before Ellen leave to NZ on 2nd Jan...
Before Le back to Aus in Feb...
When can we have another session?
You girls are irreplaceable... ♥

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