Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clefies in Mid Valley

After so long studying in KL, this is the very first time we meet up with Ting...
Last time during foundation still got always look up Xian but now also very hardly d...
So happy when asked them out and they are available that day... =D
Went to Mid Valley to have lunch, ice, movie, and eat again!! XD

My pretty girls~~ Xian and Ting

My truly GF

And Ting

Last but not least a group photo of 3 of us that day...

Don't know when will we meet next time again...
Both of you going back to JB for intern d... =(
We must have more more gathering alright?
Miss clefies a lot... T.T
Hope to see you girls soon...
I miss pillow talk much!!

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