Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jiawen's birthday celebration

From previous post, we celebrated Jiawen's birthday in Nong & Jimmy, Ampang...She brought a bottle of wine too...
So she's the first one who have to finish a big whole glass...
A girl grow up will be more wiser and the first step is learn how to drink... =D
The girl is still learning... =)
Oreo Cheesecake
The birthday girl
Make a wish
Blow out the candles!
Of course not to forget the love one...
And me!! LOL~ The card was made by me...

The guys and her... This photo is perfect...just the card is overturn... Haha..
Hey ah peng! You don't snatch papa's cake la... XD

That's the little celebration for our beloved Jiawen.. Hope she'll have a better future ahead and will remember us... All the best to you ya..! Take care...

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