Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roost Cafe

I know this is an overdue post...
But, due to my internet problem I'm sorry...
Now, I had to carry my laptop to Uni everyday to online...
So don't leave me offline message in MSN or facebook...
I'm unable to reply you ASAP...
But in Uni, the uploading speed is unspeakable fast... =D
So I guess I'll come to Uni to update my blog very frequent...

Last few weeks, had a gathering in Roost Cafe in JB with clefis...

Vintage wall?

Mango Tang and Hot Chocolate

KeeMee, YongLe, KorXian

Free sky juice with rocket cup

No "image"

Love the feel of that corner

Grilled whole leg

Outdoor seat

Le at the boutique next door







Ellen and Ting photoshop it... Haha

We, clefies~

The wall painting

Le in masquerade



From upstairs

Bar table

Let the image speak... I'm out of idea to write description LOL

After Roost Cafe we went to Le's house...

Le bought this for us from Australia... =)

Our drinks...


And also strawberry

Last picture on that day before I left them...
It's so pity that I never met Ting that day...

Will try to update as soon as I can...
Cause I had 2quiz and a test this week... =(
God bless me

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