Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just now I saw this newly promote and very canggih word that never appear before me before...
I was wondering... What the heck is this thing?!
But it is a superb convenient to every user who play all sort of social network system! At least like me ok??
And this time, Nuffnang and Digi is being really superly great and innovative group of people...

Weeave is a service which come under Digi...
Just now I was wondering how can it surprise me...
So I decided to sign up for an account...
And it really did surprised me!
You can access to facebook, youtube, twitter and messenger and etc in a meantime in just 1 web browser!
It doesn't confuse you tabbing for several tab in your browser!!
And now there's a contest that is running on too!
What you have to do is just sign up, and introduce to your friends and give them your link!!
Click here >>>> Weeave
To sign up and introduce to your friend and pass it on!!
You can win great prizes such as Macbook Pro or Xbox 360 or Blackberry phone!
Why hesitate?
Go to Weeave now!!

P/s: Will not be updating for several days due to not going to bring my laptop back to KL...

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