Thursday, May 6, 2010

Project Alpha Season2

Did you ever know what is Project Alpha?
I know some of you had notice that my blog widget contains a video about this project...
But do you know what's the purpose of this video?
It's actually a competition too!
Everyday 12.01am a new video will be uploaded by Project Alpha.
And each and every video comes with a question.
By watching the video attentively and answer the question smartly, you'll stand a chance to win great prizes!
First prize is to get 2 person ticket to Sarawak for 3d2n...
And also top 3 prizes will get 1 year free subscription of p1wimax!
And also some adidas and ruumz goodies bag...

Besides, watching video and win for the contest, you can also blog and win instant cash!
By clicking here you can see what's the topic every week and write a post around 200words and submit your link to particular to it...
Every week topic will be different...
First you have to log in to ruumz by creating a new account...
It doesn't make an hassle when you need to earn $$!!
It's so easy isn't it??
Wish you people good luck who takes part in it!! =D
I'll join after my final is over... @.@

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