Monday, April 5, 2010

Dim Sum Buffet

Last few days back to JB...
What I did is sleep and eat.
To relax myself to the max...
The Ching Ming this year is a bit different...
Cause my aunt were there...
And this year weather is real windy... Not like previous years with hot sun and sweat all over me...
Anyway, I made wishes like what I did every year... =)

Just now I received email from my sis-in law...
There's a Dim Sum buffet in town!!!
I'm so attracted man!

Anyone interested please contact me!
We'll go together...
Up to 30th April... =)
Let me know ya!!
We'll make a common date to go together... =)


  1. I also think that's a bit expensive... Cause if we eat outside till bloated also tak sampai RM30...
    But where got dim sum you recommend?? =D

  2. mana mana?
    kl or jb??
    jb den i wan go!!!

  3. KL la... =D
    Sim, if JB no need go buffet also can find a lot Dim Sum loh... No need RM30 can satisfy your tummy d...

  4. ceh.. i tot jb den i wan go.. !!