Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vote for me!!!!!!!!

Everybody who read my blog!!
It's you!!
No need to escape d!!
Is you!!!
Since you're so free to read my blog...
So please vote for me in the cornetto contest!!!
1. Go to the cornetto website click me
2. After waiting for the page to load you'll see the "SHOW YOUR LOVE CONTEST" and click on it
3. Register yourself an account!
4. Look for my link. Title is "Eternal love from beiS" or hyperlink :
5. Then vote for me!!!!!!!
You can not only vote for me but stand a chance to win an iPhone!!
Why don't grab this chance??
Quick go and vote for us ba!!!! Hurry up!!!

Last night I saw in Nuffnang about the Digi contest...
And I just got myself to play with that something...
And ended up there's so many page for me to vote...

TD12 glory
Click to vote

Me and bei
Click to vote

Click to vote

Bei and coffee
Click to vote

Lastly, ugly fatty >.<
Don't vote nvm...
Click here to see ok d...

Vote me ya!!!! Don't try to escape!!!
Thanks!! ^.^

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