Thursday, March 11, 2010

CNY 2010 Hatyai Trip Part 1

As promised, when I'm back to JB I'll update about my CNY trip to Hatyai, Thailand.
This time we took bus all the way to Hatyai.
I promise I'll never want it again.
It's really tiring.

Bus has only 9 of us which fetch us to KL and join the rest of the tour members.
We started our journey at 2pm sharp.
But due to the massive jam on the North-South Highway we reached Sri Petaling around 8pm.
My bro rented a room at Sri Petaling Hotel for us to take bath and had dinner at opposite of the hotel.
Then another bus came to the hotel to fetch us.

We started around 9pm, heading North.
We stopped at Ipoh for supper at 1am.
The crowd of people at that time surprised the whole bus members.
We thought we mis-look our time. But at 1am really have such crowd in Ipoh.

Early morning, we reached Bt Kayu Hitam at Kedah.
The custom opens at 6am.
But due to a lot of people going there we were stuck at the custom for an hour.
The tour guide said that we counted as lucky and passed it fast d...

After the custom there's a Duty Free Zon.
Chocolate sales.
Nah...Didn't buy any of it..

Our first destination is visit temple.
I don't know what's so special about the temple.
Cause I did not listen to my tour guide explaination. =.=
The only thing I know is there's a monk lying inside a glass container and remain unchanged although he had died for 5years.

Family of my dad's friend.

After that...
We heading to the bird nest shop.

Menu of the bird nest and shark fins.


Longan. I prefer this than the coconut 1...

We had our lunch at a 33 storey building to have our sky buffet called Lee Garden Plaza Hotel.

Didn't take much photo cause it's too crowded at the buffet.

After lunch we headed to the hotel to put our luggages and clean ourself and had a nice rest.
After rest we departed out from hotel heading to the floating market for dinner.

This is the way they running business.

These are cup used to sell drinks.
Very environment friendly.

"Chicken Clay bowl" for ais kacang.

Some sort of dim sum? and bao

Some sort of hor fun?

This taste like our otak-otak.

Eating the hor fun. Not bad ya.
See they use coconut shell as a bowl

My cute parents. Note that they sometime even use banana leaf as a bowl!
So environment friendly. We should learn from them.

See how mummy pay and get her food... =D

These are the potato! They cut it into ring shape or what de...
Then dip with the powder paste or what and fry.
After that added with flavoured powder.
Delicious neh...

I'm taking and paying for my food.

Daddy eating porridge.

The nice and crispy potato.

The Doraemon cup. Specially chosen for Jack Son.
He's big fan of Doraemon.

Our dinner.
Oh ya did I mentioned that everything they sell is 20baht?
Which is around RM2.
Real cheap. That's why we can eat till bloated.

The dried grill cuttle fish.
Best when eat this when drink beer.

Me before leaving the Floating Market.

Guess what stall?

Closer look

Believe me that I've eaten one of this plate.
I don't know how I did it.
Anyway, it really taste good!!!!
It taste like pringles or twities only.
It's just is not as crispy as that... Hehe...
If visit Thailand you all should try it... =)

Frog or something.

After dinner we went to the lantern festival.

My parents.

The lake.

Nice soldier.
After this photo taken the camera battery dead.
Aiks so sad...
No more pic for the day.
Anyway, I'll update part 2 soon...
Stay tune...

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