Monday, August 24, 2009


This morning woke up and I'm quite shocked to receive the news...

The conversation between my sis and I...

Šhÿ Wëı ≈ Šhi Ýi says:
hey...i booking a house liao leh
at Mayland there ...
♫ÃíĹěėń♫ says:
book whathouse?
Šhÿ Wëı ≈ Šhi Ýi says:
i bought studio house
♫ÃíĹěėń♫ says:
really meh?
Šhÿ Wëı ≈ Šhi Ýi says:
at austin perdana there...
yaloh...already paid deposit RM1000

And my sis is probably going to Japan during my sem break...
I want to go!!!!!

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