Monday, December 5, 2005

I'm so tired

This couple of days I went out so recently and I'm really tired...Don't know why...Or maybe I'm not really that tired and it's just my mind were tired...Today woke up 12.30pm cause i fell asleep at about 4.30am...After I ate my brunch, my sister brought me and my cousin to Plaza Pelangi to wandering around...Haha bought nothing...Just bought a magazine and a few pieces of paper for my pholio...Theb after my bath and dinner, I went to Carrefour and bought a novel... Tomorrow morning Ellen is coming to my place to do pholio so I'm not going to Music Club's activity tomorrow...Wednesday they are going to buy for some barbeque's ingredient and I think I can't go also...Haix disappointed...Cause I got my piano class on Wednesday...
Last two night, someone asked me a question...He asked me can he pursue me??But I'm really not interested in any guy now except for someone else...Hmm why things had changed now??It's totally different from the beginning of the year...Everything had changed...Haix and why's my reaction??I'm so confused...

~~^^I miss you a lot, SLCB^^~~

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