Saturday, November 12, 2005

So happy...

Today went to city square with my friends to look for another two friends...Haha how silly am I talking such thing...But actually it's because my friends don't know that two friends ma...Haha become more and more silly...=p
Erm went to watched movie, Exorcism...Quite a nice movie but i fell asleep...Haha because this was the 2nd time i watched it ma...Ya erm...Actually I'm so happy today because had spent my time with him...Really happy...And ya...I've seen something also loh...If someone gonna ask me, all sort of question I will just tell him/her...I just want to love him as much as I can...'cause I don't know how long can I love him in my this life...But I hope I can love him more than anything...Don't know what would happen after saying everything but I know that I will not regret...
I got to sleep early tonight because i had promised him to do so...And tomorrow I still have to wake up early to go to school tomorrow because going to clean up the Music Club's Room and has a meeting after that...So, hope that everyday is your happy day!!!Hehe=p siaoz

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