Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bali Trip Day3

3rd day is a very relaxing day...

Tour guide allow us to wake up a bit later and the tour guide when back to her hometown... =.=
So, only the driver pick us up, and continue our trip...
First destination, we went to Tanah Lot Temple...

Main entrance of Tanah Lot

Beautiful seaside

This is Tanah Lot Temple which is on the water when it's high tide, when low tide people can go in to the temple... Very special isn't it?

Very big wave splashing on the rock

Love the scenery there

I don't know how those people can take photo when there's huge wave behind them

Me again with the temple far behind me

This is another spectacular rock i've ever seen
After walking around and we went shopping!
There's actually quite a lot of stall along the street before reaching Tanah Lot Temple...
We bought quite a few things and left for our lunch...

Lunch in a club house

Dining tables

Almost everyday have the same dishes

After our lunch, we headed to massage!
Had my 1st massage in my life!!
And it was a very special massage experience...
Cause have you ever heard 4hands massage?
It is 2 people massage for you for the whole 2 hours...
Damn nice!
The only photo from the massage centre
After our massage, we were all so refresh!
And there's quite a lot of time left for the day...
It's about 2pm I guess...
So we requested the driver to bring us for shopping!
Our purpose to Bali was to shop some decorative stuff and lamp cover so that we can put it to our new house...
And the driver is real good he bring us to any place we want and also recommended us some place where we can get cheap cheap stuff...

So, after we shop and got what we want, we went to Jimbaran...
Jimbaran is famous of their sunset dining on the beach...
It's a very not bad experience and ambiance!

Beach dining

Awaiting for the sun to set

It's very romantic if were with your loved one


The best sun set photo I can get d... The weather of that day wasn't good... So, it don't really set =(

Daddy and mummy =)

Yeepi our dinner!!

Told ya.. The sun set this way =(

While enjoying "sunset" while eating dinner

2 plate of fish, clams, prawns, squids and vegetables (1 small plate per person)

Grilled fish

See see see! 2 clam in a shell

Fruits after dinner

And guess how much our dinner was?
You'll never imagine it...
It's 1,000,000 rupiah and we paid in USD
So, it's almost equivalent to RM400 for the meal like that...

After our dinner, we reach hotel about 7pm..
So, we took a shower and walk around the hotel...
And of course we used up all those free coupons we have from the hotel when we checked in the other day...
1st we went to the pool bar, but it's late so we left...
2nd we went to have our free 10mins massage... =) (2nd massage of the day)
Lastly we went to the hotel wine bar to have our free welcome drink and also snap photos around the beautiful hotel...
The bar

Our welcome drink

The bar outdoor

They actually have their own wine shop in the hotel

My dad say that's a photo frame! haha

Beautiful corridor

My dad wants me to snap this photo with him... Haha

The lobby waiting area

Love this horse very much! See his teeth? Soooo cute...

After snap snap photos, return to our room and watch TV...
A lot of Taiwan/HK channel available in the hotel...
Almost every night we watched till midnight only sleep...

Alright, shall update day 4 trip next time round... =)


  1. wow the temple is so special and the food so yum yum !! :)

  2. Catherine Ang: Yupz yupz... The temple is really cool and the food in Jimbaran is nice! =)