Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shopping Spree

Last week my sis came to KL just for shopping...
I took my working leave to shop with her...

It's just the budget place we can go...
Times Square and Sg Wang...
Don't really want to spend money for clothes more than RM30... LOL
I know I'm stingy... Can't help... Cause I'm very poor...

Ok let's see what I bought in 2 days?
Saw this special shoes and fall in love with it RM43.99 (Times Square)
Sandals for RM39.90 (Times Square)

Belt for only RM10 (Times Square)

Tees for RM25 (Times Square)

Dress RM25 (Times Square) I know it's not clear here... Please scroll down...

Polka Dots Dress RM25 (Sg Wang)

Tube Tops RM 19 (Sg Wang)

Bag originally RM129 after discount RM 34.85 at Bonita, Mid-valley

Ok.. This is the dress that is not clear above with the belt... Yea... I'm loving it!! XD

Still feels like shopping!!
But I need to save more money... =(
I need to save money for my trip to Japan!!
I want so save money to buy Baby-G!!


  1. lols all the bestin saving up for ur japan trip, sure wallet will bleed after that ;p

  2. Waaaa so many stuffs (: I love shopping in Sg Wang and TS! Total bargain :D

  3. To Glo-w: LOL~ Yeapz... Japan is so not gonna save for anything... I can feel my wallet is shivering... LOL

    To Hilda: Yupz... Stuff there's really worth to buy... =)

  4. waa! I love shopping at sg way too!

  5. Yeepi! lots of girls do~~ LOL

  6. I love shopping in Sg Wang ^^ Btw,the belt is nice ;)