Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice Day!

This year finally had the chance to celebrate this big day with my family...
But somehow we can't celebrate on the exact day but we did it earlier...

My dad bought the instant glutinous rice ball few weeks ago because he's afraid out of stock... LMAO~
So, we had our glutinous rice ball very instant very delicious... =)

Don't know how to make glutinous rice ball by your own?
It's totally not a problem!
Let me tell you how to prepare nice glutinous rice ball within 10mins! =)

Boil the water with pandan leaves and some ginger(optional) then put in some sugar

Ready made glutinous rice ball available in most of the hypermarket and supermarket with various of flavor

This is how it looks

After the water had boiled then put in the glutinous rice ball...
When it float, it is done... =)

My favorite peanut flavor... =)

2ndly is the black sesame glutinous rice ball
That's so easy so delicious glutinous rice ball...
So, don't need to spend all your day to prepare and make your hand full with "mud" and maybe had white faces...
Anyway, do try it! =)