Thursday, December 23, 2010

Foods Day

Last Saturday I had my days fulled with food in my tummy...
I ate fried noodle + glutinous rice ball cooked by mummy at 10am...

Then I had unstoppable meals in Jusco because my sis's singapore friend came JB for 1 day trip...
So anything they spent in JB is definitely cheap for them...
So we had much sumptuous food...

1st we had visited the Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant at 2nd floor of Tebrau City, Jusco...
1 whole book menu of drinks

And of course this is only food
And let's see what had me and my sis ordered that day...
Mushroom Soup FOC (comes with the grill fish set)

My Mexican Iced Coffee RM6.90 Damn christmas feel isn't it? =D

Iced coffee

My tomyam glass noodle RM8.90 if not mistaken

This is the Grill Fist set RM16.90

After we had our meal there...
We called for bill and my sis's colleague actually went up to Secret Recipe to look for seats first...
So, yea... We had cakes right after our lunch...
Oreo Cheesecake, Mango Cake and Chocolate Banana Cake

Ya... It left empty within 10min of course!
When call for bill in Secret Recipe my sis colleague are all stunned because it's just around RM25 i suppose including 2 mineral water

So, if converted back to SGD it was damn damn cheap for them...
So they was like OMG how can the secret recipe so cheap in M'sia?
But of course la, we Malaysian who works in M'sia earn RM not SGD >.<
So, it's cheap if converted to SGD...
But somehow if someone who really love to eat why doesn't they willing to pay for it? LOL~


  1. ow..the glass looks like shoe..nice food

  2. I want go johor next week~got wat introduce ma~haha

  3. Cakes from secret recipe is just love!

  4. so much..fat sei u ...!>.< Share ma!

  5. @miss N yupz it's a boots shape.. =) just like Santa Claus boot

    @Philip yea...all the food are totally awesome =D

    @Chui Ing nothing much to play in JB but there's a lot to eat!! Haha... when you wanna come if i'm there i can be tour guide =)

    @laila nom nom nom is nice nice XD

    @hilda milda yupz i agree but i think slowly they're losing their standard... =(

    @siti yea...cause i'm in love with food! hehe...

    @eunice all i tell myself is eat first diet later...LMAO~come come we go makan together la... ^.^