Wednesday, December 8, 2010

EL MIGOS Mexican Cuisine

That day it happened that I went together with my sis to her college mate gathering...
They set the venue at EL MIGOS Tebrau City at Ground Floor...

Me and my sis just ordered dessert and drinks because we just had our lunch before that...

Double chocolate cake

Hot Hazelnut Latte
Before leaving, my sis's friend bought their very cute cupcakes home...
Teddy bear and santa clause

Ginger breadman and cookies monster!
Their food is still not bad...
Can have a try...
But the pricing it's a bit higher than normal standard restaurant there...
So consider yourself! Food or money? =)

P/S: sorry for the very short post...
But I still have a loooot to update! Be patient... =)


  1. hahaha the cookie monster cupcake ! i ate an elmo cupcake not too long ago LOL

  2. haha, the food there is nice but i prefer the branch at sutera mall :)
    the japanese pizza and xxl burger r highly recommended by me :)))))
    ps: discount card is available for free i tink...10percent disc

  3. Ooh i see... thanks for the info!!
    And seriously I still haven't been to Sutera Mall yet... =.=
    Because everytime back to JB have not enough time... >.<