Thursday, October 21, 2010

Macau - 4th day First Part

The 4th day of our trip is going to start the journey to Macau...
We woke up early to go to the market to buy peach...
Because the peach there is big and round and sweet and cheap!

Jin Ye Hotel

The immigration just near the hotel and also beside the market... It's even nearer than Merlin Tower to the old immigration...

Saw a lorry passed by carrying pigs like that

Our breakfast from the market Corn Wo Wo Tou (窝窝头)

The pork bao... Very nice... Because have vege in it... But a bit salty la...RM1 each...

Then we walked to Macau by foot...
It's very crowded as well in both the immigartion...
We spent almost 2hours for queuing in the immigartions

Macau welcomes me!! XD

Then we took a cab to the Venus hotel, which is 1 of my sis's colleague accommodation there for a night...
The lobby of Venus Hotel

The Greece design

From outside

After we had dropped all our luggage there, then we took a public bus to all the tourist destination...

The signage at roadside

A church

The beautiful street

Portuguese style ancient house

And the beautiful garden... Many people took pre-wedding photo there too!

Missing bei bei XD

Very beautiful garden

House of others

The rear of the houses...

Then we walked towards the crowd to settle our lunch...
We didn't know it's the most famous Macau pork bun stall that everyone had mentioned...
I can just say that we were really lucky...
And also by the time we reached, the bun had just ready for sell...

Big crowd of people

And we ordered polo pork chop bun... Very nice!! =)

And also fishball noodle... I realized in Macau you can find fishball everywhere! Haha...

We were just a minute earlier... The next minute people had to queue so long to get the bun... Damn lucky! =D

I'm not exaggerating the queue ok?

Why is the street in Macau so beautiful and clean one? Can't even compare to Malaysia... Aiks...

After lunch we went back to Venus Hotel to get back our luggage and head towards Hard Rock Cafe Hotel to check in...

The lobby of Hard Rock Cafe

The displays of some beautiful item that owned by the international artist...

Main entrance to Hard Rock Hotel

The display at lobby.. Damn cool

Lift lobby

The cafe


Belong to Michael Jackson

Inside the lift also very pretty de ok...

Outside the room corridor

Our room that night =)

Very very damn beautiful right? I know... 1 pence 1 goods ok?(一分钱一分货)

Pillow cover damn cute!! =D

And a maid to serve us in the room! LOL~

Relaxing chair

The bath tube

The accessories in it

Very beautiful and sparkling bathroom

Modern decoration

Alcohol and equipment provided

Deco beside the main door

And of course still have nice view! City of Dream Hotel

Grand Hyatt Hotel

COD pool

First time I saw so many things provided in the fridge

And even crackers!!!

Still have iron board! Enough le woh... Why is hard rock so considerate one?

Save box and the hard rock in house shoes

You noticed?? The round mirror is a magnifying mirror!!

And not to forget! Macau International Airport is in the view too!

Not to forget to share...
The lift provide 2 LCD playing MV and music for the lift passengers...

Doesn't you feel Hard Rock Hotel is so great?
Can try there at least once in your life time...
RM1k+ per night...

Recently I'm getting slower to update my blog...
Sorry because everyday after I came back from work, I'm tired beat...
So bear with me...=)

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