Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clefies Gathering

22nd December 2009, I had my last final paper from 9am to 11am...
Right after the exam I headed to Pudu bus station and bought a ticket back to JB...
We had a date, clefies gathering at night in YongLe's house...
We had our pillow talk...
Our pillow talk was long...
And it was so fun!!!
We chatted till mid night and ah ling had fall sleep...
But I reminded that we have no group photo this time...
Ended up xian woke ling up and we started our photo session...
Only mad girls will do like what we do...
Photo session: 3.30am to 5am
Sleeping session: 5am to 8am
And 7 mattress for 7 person, but we instead to make it 7 person 5 mattress... XD
This is CLEF!!

4bodies with 7heads

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

7dwarf?? or 7fairies?? ^.^

Ellen- Awwwwwww


Stepped by Ellen... >.<

Xian- Sleeping Buddha

Le- Rock??

Ting- Stinks! (Muscular girl)

(Feminine guy)

Mee- Curtain

Xian- tao tai lang

Ling- Sleeping mode

I love this photo very much!!
And I love them very much!!

Good night peeps!
Nice ending...

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